7 Key Takeaways from Amazon Accelerate

September 18, 2023

By Tanner Dalton, Director of Sales

This past week, the Keystone Commerce team attended Amazon Accelerate - the fourth annual conference focused on driving growth for Amazon Sellers.  Several new (and updated) features were revealed during the conference, and we have highlighted our favorite takeaways below:

  • Enhance Customer Engagements with Interactive AR and 3D Experiences: This visual representation of your products is critical online, especially for younger audiences with over 90% of Gen Z respondents saying they are interested in using augmented reality to shop.  Amazon wants to make 3D / AR experiences a standard part of their shopping experience, and you can leverage this now to drive conversions 1.5-3.5x higher than pages without these features.  
  • Set up Successful A/B test with Manage your Experiments: Have you ever wondered what content resonates best with your customers and drives sales? A/B testing through the Manage Your Experiments section of the Seller portal allows you to test product detail pages with weekly results to help you make informed decisions.
  • Supply Chain by Amazon: Faster Shipping Speeds, Higher Reliability, and Lower Costs: If logistics and fulfillment is a recurring challenge for your business, then Amazon Supply Chain might be a good fit. Amazon is making it easier for sellers to get their products into FBA fulfillment centers, and stay in stock by introducing bulk warehousing capabilities in offering to pick up your products directly from your warehouse.
  • Global Logistics Made Easy: Shop Cross Border Direct to FBA: Brands that manufacture products in Asia can now ship directly from their factories into Amazon fulfillment centers in the US, UK, and EU - saving on freight costs.  
  • How to Influence Future FBM Products: If you’re looking to improve the FBM process, Amazon wants to hear from you!  There are three primary ways to engage: PartnerUp, Product Lab and Seller research. 
  • Ships in Product Packaging: Reducing Costs & Improving Sustainability: Amazon offers a quick and easy way to enroll your products to ship in their original packaging - reducing your fulfillment and warehouse fees.  The Ships in Product Packaging (formerly SIOC) process can be completed via a single application now!
  • How Buy with Prime Drives Growth: Amazon is introducing a native integration with Shopify in which sellers can add in the “Buy with Prime” functionality - this is extremely exciting for brands who utilize both Amazon and Shopify to reach their audiences as it grants a 25% lift in conversions, and no coding will be required!

The above callouts are just a few of the important ways to distinguish your brand from a very crowded space.  What did you enjoy most about the conference, and what was your biggest takeaway?

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